Sylvia's Wedding - Feedback


For years, Hoghton Players have been packing in the crowds with their refreshing and entertaining shows.


From musicals, to pantomimes, to dramas, they have covered it all, and once again they manage to impress, with their rendition of the Jimmie Chin slice-of-life comedy, ‘Sylvia’s Wedding’.

The play follows the proposal of Gordon and Sylvia, and the hilarious, albeit emotional, turmoil that it throws both families into.


The cast work well together,  transmitting their love of performing into the realms of the auditorium and delivering their lines with fantastic comic timing. In particular, Ruth Jones, as Sylvia’s mum Joyce, excels with her highly watchable characterisation and hilarious one-liners - especially when involving her pet budgerigar. Her relationship with Harold Eastham (who plays Victor) is a joy to watch, and works extremely well alongside Gordon’s more pompous mother and father, Myrtle and Stanley - played by Jacqueline Farnden and John Farnden.


The portrayal of the two families is reminiscent of those from ‘Keeping Up Appearances’, the class differences providing a constant source of laughter throughout the course of the show.

Steven Catterall is equally hilarious as Gordon, his geeky nature and awkward mannerisms leaving the audience in stitches.


And Louise Brindle as Sylvia’s best friend Yvonne, plays an excellent role, as she battles between being a best friend and accidentally falling in love. According to the programme, this is Louise’s first leading role, and if her performance on April 27 was anything to go by, then there is no doubt that she will be securing plenty more in the future.

Finally, leading lady Laura Brewer, did an excellent job of holding the show together. Her performance was particularly engaging, with her acting skills perhaps being the strongest of the evening.


Having stayed behind post performance, it was also wonderful to see the work that went on behind the scenes to ensure the show was a success. From costume, to make-up, to set design, each and every person involved in this production deserves kudos in their own right.


Paul Santus, who was in charge of set design and construction, did a magnificent job of transforming the Hoghton stage, while Andrew Freeman and Richard Edgerton provided commendable sound and lighting. Joanne Ingham and Carol McCann deserve extra-special praise, for their excellent visions as directors.


While this show has now come to the end of its run, it is guaranteed that future productions of this wonderful group will leave you feeling thoroughly entertained.

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