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Present from the Past - 27/4/2017.


Richard Everett has written many plays for film, T.V. and radio and also had a professional career in acting and direction. This comedy/drama was new to me and I was looking forward to it with great anticipation. I was not disappointed!


Experienced Director Millie Santus had chosen five talented actors to perform this excellent piece. The play was set in the round, in the 1990’s, depicting the empty home of the recently deceased Mrs Templeton. The family had decided to gather together to empty their mother’s house, sorting out the contents. As the play opened there was a spotlight on the chair where their mother used to sit and as a result we were made to feel that she was ever present.


The five cast members gave very convincing and believable performances as they portrayed their various emotions as the result of the death of Mrs Templeton. The audience was moved by the different memories of each character as the play progressed. Many members of the audience would empathize with these in their own families.

With excellent Diction and Projection all cast members convinced us that indeed they came from the same family and they made the most of the dialogue provided by this prolific author. The pace of the play was just right. Those on stage understood each character well and they all showed their obvious experience.


I would like to congratulate all responsible for very professional lighting and sound, which enhanced the evening. Having experienced all aspects of Theatre I know how important these technicians are to the success of any production.

This was my first visit to this group and I look forward, with great anticipation, to my return.

Thank you for the warm welcome afforded to my wife and myself. 


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